Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe once you start the class, you are already in the process of studying for a test to come. No matter the teaching style an educator chooses to use, I always take notes the same way. As a kinesthetic learner, I need to be hands-on to retain information easier. When a teacher hands out “guided notes” where the task is to simply fill in blanks or there is a PowerPoint we are supposed to follow, I am sure to fill out what is given, as well as having notebook paper to copy most of the information. If I just write the word to fill in the blank I do not remember near as well as I do when I write it all myself! As an incremental learner, I can not take a whole book of information and keep it in memory to use in full. If given an excerpt, I will read it three to four sentences at a time instead of a whole page as to keep my attention intact. Taking the information from those three to four sentences and processing whether or not the facts contained in them will be necessary for later, then writing those specific things down. Another way to study for a kinesthetic learner like me is to use flashcards but having someone else read them to you. This takes out the action of reading the answer so that you do not run on what I like to call “auto-pilot” and actually keeping the brain alert and active in what you are studying. Having a friend or family member read the question and writing down the answer also programs your brain to say, “When I read this question, this is the correct thing to write."

Anika from Florida
High School Senior
East Bay High School