Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is an imperative practice for a student, and is certainly one that must be tailored for each individual. I do not believe that there is one practice that is able to maximize an individual's strengths. Some may be able to achieve high results for a sample of students, but it cannot evoke the absolute best for each one. Every student has the capability to reach their highest, and the route to that point is as unique as each human in the world. Attentiveness, discipline, and interests are examples of aspects that differ among persons as much as they dictate a person's performance. For myself, this means that my test preparation practice includes the environment as well as the method.
My practice may vary somewhat depending on the subject, but there are some constants I keep. For instance, instrumental beats or just music without lyrics, no access to distractions (entertainment or past-times), and I have to eat something with citrus beforehand. It may come off as premature or childish, but all these things truly help he focus on my studies. As for the actual material, I usually scan over the notes and mark the problems that I know I need the additional practice in. Along with the handwritten notes, I will read the content in the textbook or official course material and reference them with what I have written myself. If there is something missing or anything I think is worth noting, I add them. Even if it is something I am already aware of, I like to have my own notes on the subject for two reasons. One is that it helps me organize the lesson in the structure that benefits me the most and I consider the most practical. The other is that I have more confidence if I am able to relate and articulate what I have learned in my own words, rather than calling upon memorization.
For time management, I do not study continuously for more than two hours. When I reach that mark, I find myself losing the subject as fast as I read over it, so I study within dividends.

Richard from Georgia
College Sophomore
Kennesaw State University