Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It’s finals week. The library is packed with students surrounded by stacks of books and
papers. Murmuring can be heard throughout the room as each group tries to cram for their
upcoming tests. The tension and stress are palpable. This scenario is all too common throughout campuses across the nation, but is it really necessary? With a little preparation and the right tools, one can prepare for a test without all the frustration.
One of the best methods of study for me is color coding my notes with sticky notes and
pens. To start with, I assign each subject a different color of sticky notes. For example, I have blue for English, red for math, and green for science. Then within each subject’s lessons, I have different pens that correlate to different categories or points. The different colors help me find points easier when looking through my notes. This method has helped me many times throughout high school and will be helpful in college as well.
Another thing that helps me immensely is simply rereading the material. Many people
find that they study better in a structured, classroom-like environment. However, I study better in a relaxed comfortable environment where I can focus and feel less stressed. I typically go to my bedroom or sit on the couch while listening to music with no words, usually movie scores or classical music. Once I get comfortable and focused, I read through my notes or the chapter two or three times.
There are many different avenues for studying and test prep, and no right or wrong options. Each student must find out which methods work best for them. If structure and practice
tests, or spending hours in the library, work for someone then they should continue to use those methods. However, it is helpful to remember that there are other ways out there that can help you ace those tests.

Katherine from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Tahlequah High School