Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite test prep practices are using flash cards, writing practice problems, and restudying Notes taken over the course of the unit. These preparation practices help me do well in all my subjects: Math, Science, English, and History. These methods enable me to understand the concepts that can be on the test as well as recall much more easily the information associated to the concept.
My 1st favorite test prep practice is flash cards because these materials allow me to remember concepts through repetition enabling me to recall knowledge for the test. Also what I like about flash cards is the fact that I can use them a lot if I don't grasp or remember a certain piece of information for a test. Flash cards also can be used for science on memorizing equations, history for remembering a certain event or era by date, people, or place. It can be used for English through needing to remember vocabulary. Flash cards have allowed me through its ability of being used in multiple subjects as well as its use of repetition to easily grasp many concepts eventually allowing me to pass many tests.
My 2nd favorite test prep practice is writing practice problems. This practice gives me the help I need to solve particular problems by grasping the method needed for me to find the correct answer. This practice also gives me a good reference for possible questions on a upcoming test.
My 3rd favorite test prep practice is using notes to study. This practice helps me by allowing me to remember particular content for a particular test. This eventually helps me put together content I've obtained recently in class with content I've learned one or 2 weeks ago. This practices works great for me because when I have free time or I finish my work early in any of my classes I can take out my notes and go over them.

Connor from Texas
High School Senior
Newman Smith