Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a high school senior who has taken AP classes along with the SAT, I feel as if I have the right experience when it comes to preparing for tests. I constantly strive for good grades, and since tests make up the majority of our letter grade, test preparation is very important. I am someone who loves to reread information and even read it out loud to refresh my brain on the information. It is always key to look over your details before a test, especially the ones you aren't so confident about. I will sometimes rewrite notes with different colors or pens to help stimulate my brain from the boring old lead on all of the notes. Plus, getting into a group with fellow classmates or friends to go over information is a big help for me. Everyone is able to help quiz each other, and it's a chance to actually engage in a conversation about the test. That is much more helpful than sitting alone in a quiet room with the same details going over and over again in your brain. I also like to have one of my family members quiz me using my notes, in order to get a break from constantly reading. This allows me to actually speak out loud about the particulars, so I can truly become familiar with them. Using your resources and the people around you are easy ways to help prepare for a test that you may be unsure about, so use them wisely!

Josie from Virginia
High School Senior
Ocean Lakes High School