Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being successful in school is all about planning and utilizing the resources you have. One of the most important things in school is being able to take a test and score a good grade for your overall grade. Its very important to have a good test plan to be successful. The plan has to be customized by the students needs and also because everyone learns and prepares so differently. For example, my personal goal when getting ready for a test is to have a plan. This plan starts with coming up with a study schedule that works with me. My study plan consist of starting at 5 PM and ending a 8 PM. I make sure to study with purpose and not have any distractions within those 3 hours that I have allowed myself. Make sure you have the tools that you need to be successful in your study hours. When I am studying I make sure to move around, stretch, and voice out loud the information I am trying to memorize or understand. According to Movement and Learning written by The Learning Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, " Research shows that standing and moving around while you are studying and taking movement breaks in between study sessions has numerous benefits to our bodies, brains, memories, and academic performance. Research shows us that: Standing while learning and completing assignments improves executive functioning, or the skills you use to break down tasks like writing an essay or solving multi-step math problems. In addition to various emotional and physical health benefits, exercise has been shown to boost verbal memory, thinking and learning. Exercise improves alertness, attention and motivation, while helping to build new brain cells to help you store information." That is only some of the positive benefits to moving around while you study and how that could help you. When its game time, I tend to relax and make sure I have eaten before class. These are only a few of things that I do to prepare myself for a test and have helped me to be successful.

Karla from California
College Freshman
University Of Phoenix