Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before a test, I firstly review information by rereading articles, textbook chapters, notes, or summaries of books or chapters to fully refresh my memory. I then conduct my own research outside of the given information to strengthen my understanding. Many sites and books are provided by my teachers as reliable resources for further information, and are useful to fill in gaps in my knowledge or deepen my understanding beyond what is taught in the classroom.
After refreshing my knowledge, I try practice problems, or give myself abbreviated mock exams with problems or passages from a textbook, book, article, or website. Using these problems, I check which answers are incorrect or could be improved. I employ my incorrect answers to find trends in areas in which I am least knowledgeable. I then proceed to briefly review these weaker areas.
The night before a test, I make sure to have a full, healthy meal, and I go to bed at a reasonable time. I sleep in as late as possible to ensure my brain is alert during the exam. I have also found that if I take a shower right before I go to bed, I often sleep more soundly. For breakfast, I have another full, healthy meal, and drink a cup of coffee.
On the day of a test, I frequently spew my research and knowledge to my friends who are in the same class. I once read an article stating that you remember 20% more of what you learn if you teach the information to others. Thus, teaching my friends the material I have learned for the test, even if they already know the information, helps cement material in my brain. My friends can also add information they found to add to our collective knowledge of a subject, and further prepare us for the exam.

Chloe from Colorado
High School Senior
Palisade High School