Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am center stage, with a spotlight on me and a crowd hanging onto my every word.
Chin up. Exude confidence. Smile.
I am also standing in front of my bedroom mirror with my notebook in one hand and my pencil in the other.
Close enough.
For me, studying is preparation for the performance of a lifetime. It is the runway walk leading up to the photoshoot, and the dress rehearsal before the show. It is the opportunity to surpass limits and master what was once deemed incomprehensible.
So maybe my center stage is my bedroom’s gray carpeted floor, but location hardly matters when I have the one thing that helps me learn: my voice.
Verbalization. To some extent, everyone loves to hear themselves talk. It is why humans are some of the most opinionated and argumentative creatures on the planet. And this innate behavior is precisely what I capitalize on when I study.
Sitting and staring at pages of information can be as exhausting as watching paint dry. Instead, learning should be fun and engaging. To me, verbalizing my notes is my way of retaining information and combatting boredom. While this technique may not be for everyone, there are some key components that should be consistent regardless of studying method.
To avoid information overload and to ensure that all the material gets learned, planning is essential. Digital apps, a planner, or frequent meetings with a study group are some implementable ways to manage the magnitude of information that needs to be covered. For me, I use a physical planner and ensure that after each class, I spend two hours reading and verbalizing the material covered. This helps me retain more information over time instead of all at once.
Other opportunities to reinforce information can be found in flashcards, online quizzes, practice problems, and tutorial videos.
School is stressful, but it is not impossible.
If we consider studying as an art form, then mastering it will put us students one step closer to achieving our aspirations.

Kayla from Georgia
College Sophomore
Mercer University