Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation practices include a review of the notes I take during study sessions. I practice the "Five Rs" method for study and review. Using two forms of actual note taking involves writing notes on a subject tablet to help me stay organized and rewriting my notes in preparation of study time. The "Five Rs" method is 1) Record (writing or typing information from lectures I believe to be important to the subject). I learned long ago, that passively listening and hoping for retention does not lend to good test preparation. 2) Reduce (writing a summary of the information I initially wrote). Going back over the notes taken during a lecture or reading assignment aids in memorization and a better understanding of the material. Using note cards and acronyms charts prepare me for quick review techniques and engage my brain to think. 3) Recite (put into my own words, recite (either to myself or someone else, the meaning of information). It helps to remember content with an understanding. 4) Reflect (metacognition) gives me an opportunity to think deeper into the subject matter and ideas. Allowing this to be a part of my study technique helps me to be prepared for many types of tests without being one dimensional in my ability to test. 5) Review is a practice I do before I start to read or hear a new chapter or lecture. This builds a bridge for me to the next topic of study and ties it into the previous materials.

Prince from Texas
College Sophomore
Western Governors University