Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to preparing for tests everyone has their own favorite study tips that work well for them. For me personally, I prefer to be in a quiet and comfy environment to be able to focus on my work that needs to be accomplished. One way I prepare for a test is by looking over my past quizzes for the lesson and the problems that I struggled with on them. I work to make sure I completely understand why I got the problem wrong and what I need to do next time to reach the correct answer. This really works for me because it is more engaging to me than just looking at flash cards. I know that sometimes I can zone out a bit, so I have worked to find ways that keep me focused and engaged on the work in front of me.
Another trick that I use to help me study for some harder tests is to set goals and rewards for myself. For example if I am studying for math, I will tell myself that if I complete ten problems then I will get to take a five minute break. I think this works really well for me because it pushes me to want to study and focus on the problems, so that I can earn my five minute break. I find that rewarding myself for my hard work every once in a while is important mentally and to keep me motivated.
The last study tip that I find quite helpful for myself is to create my own quiz for the test. Along with completing any study guides or papers that are given to me by my teacher, I find it is extremely beneficial to design my own quiz by formulating questions and writing complete answers. I will also communicate with my peers and see what they said for an answer, to be able to get another person’s input and to figure out if I need to adjust or add anything to my answer. The most important thing I have learned throughout my four years of high school is that no matter how you study, as long as it works for you that is all that matters.

Ashlyn from Connecticut
High School Senior
Litchfield High School