Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The key to my preparation for a test is reading everything that is assigned. I am a visual learner and reading information is the best way for me to remember it. I also take notes in class over both what is on the lecture slides and anything my professor says that is not on the slides. I look back on these notes while reading from my textbook to see what my professor has to say about the topic in order to get a fuller understanding of the subject. I try to connect each of the different topics in a subject to one another in order to understand the information rather than memorizing possible test answers. I sometimes also connect what I am learning in one class to what I am learning in another class if they have any overlap. This method has helped me a lot during short answer tests and multiple choice tests alike. Completing all assignments, required or not, helps me put my understanding of the material to the test and shows me what areas I need to go back and read more on. By following this formula, I gain an understanding of the big picture of a subject and can take my tests confident that I will pass.

Abigail from Oklahoma
College Freshman
The University of Oklahoma