Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In the hustle and bustle of university life, it can be really hard to figure out how to make time and where to prepare for exam. For me personally, I cannot study in my dormitory. It's too distracting -- my roommates are constantly moving around, I get distracted by the dirt on the floor and want to end up cleaning, et cetera. How to I begin to prepare my location and time?

I often do things by a to-do list. I have a planner that I write what I need to complete each day. On the calendar part of the planner, I write due dates. So, I'll write the date for the exams in the calendar part and the day-to-day tasks in the actual planner part. This helps me break down my days into bite-size chunks. Instead of seeing all of these classes I have to study for at once, I can study just these two chapters of my philosophy textbook. This helps me make sure that I am not overwhelmed. In fact, that's the key to this whole scheme -- you need to not let yourself get overwhelmed. As soon as it happens, you end up drowning in the mountain of work and you may never recover.

For location, I go to somewhere that inspires me. The key is that it has to be close by and I need to repeat it. There have been studies done that location is important to productivity. For example, you can't watch YouTube videos for fun at your study place. You must only study at the study place, and you must only have fun at the fun place. This maximizes your productivity. So, for me, I go to my university's library. It's a nice stroll there, and on a nice, sunny day, it feels refreshing. I go up to the third or fourth floor and begin studying -- and I only study.

I also do my best to not eat or drink in those locations. At most, I'll take with me a coffee -- and no special mochas or anything, just an average coffee.

That's it. Just location and a to-do list. Different classes require different specific study patterns (flash cards, online practice, etc) but those two things are imperative to study effectively.

Benjamin from Michigan
College Sophomore
Central Michigan University