Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone learns through the use of several different methods. Some are visual learners, some are audible learners, and some require hands on learning. With there being various types of learners,that equates to there being various different study options. My favorite form of study is through rewriting my notes on flashcards. Initially, I type them up during class lectures, and about a week prior to testing, I sit down and rewrite them out, color coding as I go. Having a dense section of typed notes lacks the visual aid I need to retain information properly. Repetition is a vital skill to all forms of learning, so as I am rereading my notes over and over so I can rewrite them, the chances of the material being absorbed increases greatly. Associating different sections, for example time periods, with different colors then gives me a common factor to associate a group of information with. The color coded sections condense a plethora of facts into more manageable sized sections. I am not just memorizing the information, but instead I am able to both remember and genuinely learn. This skill has helped me to continuously gain a 4.0 without placing an overwhelming amount of pressure onto myself. I know if I am stressed I will not be at my best potential to work, so this method paired with proper time management helps me to succeed at testing.

Devon from Ohio
High School Senior
Villa Angela Saint-Joseph High School