Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a student goes through their different stages in school, their learning tactics and abilities shift. In high school I benefited from simply listening carefully in class and re reading the material a day or two before the tests. In college, I quickly learned that continuing that method of listen and skim over material again was not going to work. My freshman year of college I tried writing every word the professor was saying. I thought that I would for sure do well if I keep along with them word for word. This unfortunately was not the case. I still found myself struggling and relearning everything on my own because I spent too much time writing notes down rather than processing the information. I came to feel discouraged that I was spending so much time learning the simple material and I felt helpless because nobody in my family have even graduated from high school so it felt like I was on my own. Through many trials and error, I found my way of studying successfully is by not knowing everything! That's right. For my classes I began to read ahead and do some self studying before a lecture so that when I walk into class I will ask the questions that my reading and studying did not answer. To plan ahead, I would print the PowerPoint given for each lecture a day or two in advance and read through it and take my own notes and then bring them to class to add anything the professor mentions of importance. By brining the printed lecture with me already, I am not trying to keep up with the professor word for word. Instead I will be processing what he or she is saying and use it as a reminder of what i have already read. If I am unsure of something through my reading, I ask the professor. This helped both me and the class. By asking questions, I speak for people who may be too shy to ask. I also help myself by both getting my questions answered and establishing a relationship with the professor and showing my interest towards their class.

Vanessa from Georgia
College Sophomore
Middle Georgia State University