Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Less than ⅔ of college students graduate with a degree, with 30% dropping out after the first year of college. With immense stress from schoolwork or personal reasons, these students drop out of one of the most important educational foundations. To avoid serious jeopardies to my goals, I try to implement effective study techniques around my visual and kinesthetic learning styles. Visualizing study material in my head and acting processes out are helpful test preparation practices that help with memory and understanding.
Even though it may seem unorthodox, visualizing complex concepts is the easiest way of understanding material. Topics like protein synthesis and virus replication can be played like a movie inside my head, which can then be replayed endless times during test day. It gets tricky to not let the storyline get recreated or interrupted, so I have to practice countless times beforehand before going into test day. Being able to visualize concepts that are not visible to the naked eye helps me gain a deeper understanding of the concept, helping my performance and confidence on test day. For this reason, I regularly try to visually understand the topic.
In addition to visualizing topics, using physical movements to act out difficult concepts is an effective test preparation practice. With concepts like mitosis and meiosis, it is difficult to understand certain components. But, by acting it out, I was able to fully comprehend and relay that information back. This muscle memory made a difficult test not so strenuous since I came fully prepared with my knowledge about the subjects.
Every student has a different study routine; for me, visually understanding difficult concepts and memorizing using muscle memory are beneficial study strategies. By using strategies that are created around my learning style, it is more effective, useful, and personalized. To perform well on a test, I need to perform great beforehand by using worthwhile strategies.

Lavanya from Texas
High School Senior
McNeil High School