Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am definitely not a procrastinator. I get anxious about my last midterm of the semester on the first day of the semester. One of the best things I think I do to prepare for all of my tests throughout the semester is studying the chapter prior to the test, but also seeing how the previous things I've learned, either in the course or other courses, apply to what I'm learning now. New concepts can seem really difficult and really challenging if you don't understand why you're doing them. That is why I think it's so crucial to reflect on how what you're learning right now ties in with all of the other things you've learned in the past as well. Having this deeper understanding and appreciation for my newly acquired knowledge truly makes what I learn more meaningful and it makes my tests way less scary. I feel as though once I picked up this habit and idea, my test scores and learning experience dramatically improved.

Rebecca from North Dakota
College Sophomore
University of North Dakota