Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for my university exams, two common test preparation methods of mine include creating elaborate review notes and detailed Quizlet study sets. In regards to my ornate review notes, channeling my art abilities into my study notes compels me to create beautiful works of art that simultaneously aid me in learning new knowledge. For instance, I tend to struggle with scientific subjects—so for my college psychology classes, I created quite a number of artistic review notes featuring annotated diagrams of the brain and cognitive memory processes. As a visual learner, detailed and illustrated diagrams improved my study habits in psychology and clarified my understanding of unfamiliar scientific concepts. Moreover, I learned that one of the most effective study methods includes taking class notes, making reviews, and creating Quizlet sets in that order so that one I actually begin studying my Quizlet set, the information is already cemented within my mind from my class and review notes. I love the variety of options Quizlet provides for studying—from learning the set’s content for the first time to generating practice exams once I feel familiar with the information.

However, by far my favorite test preparation practice involves browsing the massive study community on Instagram affectionately referred to as “studygram” by its active members. Many of my study preparation practices derive from these accounts who always provide their followers with innovative study methods such as creating elaborate calligraphy review notes or how to effectively annotate and isolate the most relevant information from class notes. With millions of Instagram accounts dedicated to their academic journeys, I cannot help but feel motivated by so many like-minded people advocating for effective test preparation and the online community to take pride in their own individual study habits. In essence, social media serves as an excellent method for students to connect and feel inspired.

Jill from Ohio
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh