Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My transcript tells the story of my dedication to academic excellence. This is a goal that I have set for myself as I saw it as an opportunity to best prepare myself for college and my future career goals. I have had to rethink what I wanted to do in the short term in order to achieve my greater goal in the long run which is to put my studies, class preparation, and test readiness first.

To prepare for a test I have had to develop a number of strategies which has supported my readiness. I have worked independently, worked in small groups and formed on-line study groups. I have had great success by outlining the material, making use of flashcards, and recording my notes and playing them back multiple times. I have learned the skill of time and resource management when preparing for an exam. I utilize a calendar and reminder system on my phone that flags me as to how much time I have before an upcoming test. Finally, I have learned the value of communicating with the instructor sooner rather than later. Developing a good working relationship with the instructor has shown to be positive and resourceful for me.

These are the practices that I have found work well for me. I am one of four Valedictorians for my graduating class. I do not believe that I could have maintained academic excellence without building these skills and habits into my daily and weekly study habits which prepare me for the best possible test outcome. Thank you for consideration of my application.


Elijah from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Shawano Community High School