Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have realized throughout that if you don’t have appropriate study skills, your academic life is going to be incredibly difficult. I learned how to be adaptable and created a studying style that works for me. A vital part of adapting your studying skill is to learn how the professor formats the lectures. If the professor sends out the lecture notes before lecture starts, I take time to type out notes on my computer. I then turn my entire attention to what the professor is saying during lecture. I have my notebook with me during class so I can make notes that I add to my computer later on. Another skill that I have found to be helpful is highlighting. I love keeping everything organized, and color-coding highlighted notes helps me when I study later on. I make sure to use different colors for different types of information so that it is easier to find information later on when I need it. After each period is over, I make sure to look over my notes as a refresher. I have found that this helps the information sink in better. As the school year continues, tests always follow so it is essential that I have all of my notes in order. When I am studying for an exam, I give myself at least a week of studying before the exam itself. This way I have plenty of time to go over everything again while also being able to notice if a topic seems unfamiliar to me. If that is the case, I compile a list of questions to ask the professor. I make flashcards as well because writing out the information again helps me further remember the topic. When deciding what to put on my flashcards, I look at my highlighted notes. Throughout this entire period, it is essential that I give myself time to relax as well. I make sure to sleep, exercise, and make time for myself. Then, I look over my notes and flashcards one more time and the exam begins. Although each exam is different, my studying style has become natural to me which is the most essential part.

Alyssa from Missouri
College Sophomore
University of Missouri - Columbia