Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The practices I use to prepare for tests are note-taking, The Pomodoro Technique, and spaced repetition. It makes studying structured, organized, and less overwhelming.
The first thing I did is take a diagnostic test on Teacher Prep. I took the diagnostic test on math and scored low in the geometry section. I began with Geometry first. Knowing what topics I need to review guides my note-taking. The diagnostics test helps organize what I already know and not know. Making studying less overwhelming and more focused.
During my note-taking phase, I use the Pomodoro technique. This technique breaks down large tasks into timed intervals with short breaks. I put relaxing music and set a timer for twenty-five minutes. During those twenty-five minutes, I focus on taking as many notes as I can within the allotted time. Afterward, I take a break outside of my study space for ten minutes. I do this twice a day for a whole week. Each week I repeat the same technique, but add more time on the timer. I do this until I finish reviewing the information. I ease my way into longer study sessions because increasing the time preps me to study longer. I can't start studying for an hour, because I lose concentration. When there is a lot of material to cover I stress about whether I am putting enough time studying. So, the breaks come in handy because I know that this isn't going to last forever and I have an incentive at the end. Once I am done taking notes I move on to the next step.
Finally, I study my notes by using spaced repetition and The Pomodoro Technique. I begin with thirty to forty-five-minute sessions. I take one page of notes and break the page in half. I read the first section three times and write down what I recall. I repeat this until I know the information without looking at my notes. Then, I repeat the process. I do this practice once a day because it gives my brain space to work new information into my long term memory.

Brisa from California
College Freshman
Alder Graduate School of Education