Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Depending on the subject of the test, and how the test is set up, I have different practices. For sciences classes, like biology and human anatomy, I am able to use flashcards to memorize topics that are important to know for the test. This is very beneficial when it comes to information based classes of that nature, because it helps deeper understand simpler topics, which is helpful in trying to learn more complex topics. In comparison, for discussion based classes, or classes with more abstract concepts, it is important to understand scenarios, and how they relate to different topics within the class. My favorite test preparation strategy for these types of classes is being able to review scenarios or notes from previous assignments or discussions that the professor that has went over in class. I find this to be the most beneficial way to study for those types of classes. Despite all of my practices, it is important to noted that methods that work for me, may not work for other people, because everyone absorbs information in a different way, and other methods may be more helpful than mine for other people.

Nia from Michigan
College Sophomore
Western Michigan University