Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To prepare for exams, I start the work far ahead of the examination date. Before class, I read the chapters that will be on the test and make skeleton notes that I can fill in if I have any questions during the lecture class time. I take clear notes in class using both my computer and handwritten notes, sometimes drawing pictures if it is necessary. Then, I reread my notes and go through them again to make sure I understand everything we had talked about for that day. I repeat this each day we have class. When I am about to start studying, I fill out a study guide and then print it out or make flashcards to test myself on the material. I highlight or repeat those which I do not fully understand or remember. I always make sure to explain my answers out loud, because being able to speak it will allow for an easier time if it is an essay question. I wake up early on test day and make sure to get to the class early so I have time to relax before the test starts.

Kayla from Wisconsin
College Junior
Viterbo University