Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

From reciting flashcards to reviewing a study guide before a big test, are necessary test preparation practices to achieve satisfactory results. To strive for these goals, I had to recognize what category of learner I was, apply those habits in an efficient pattern, repetitively recite information and look at other resources not provided by a professor. I came to discover I was a linguistic and visual learner, after my first semester of college. The optimal methods I retained information was by relating it to pictures, videos, diagrams, and color-coding notes. Looking at pictures of historical figures or human body, and diagrams that breakdown the Kreb cycle or legal system of the judicial branch in the United States, gave life to words on a professor's PowerPoint or course textbook. Next, were my color-coded notes. This technique included; dates wrote in orange pen, people or government acts wrote in blue pen, percentages wrote in green pen, and words with definitions were highlighted in yellow. Instead of looking at a paper with graphite pencil writing everywhere, I was able to process and pinpoint information more accurately. Next, after feeling comfortable with the information and reciting it countless times. I would view online videos about the topic to gain more information that I did not have before. In some situations, purchasing study guide books from companies such as Mometrix, can serve as your best friend. These books can compact information in a more efficient and concise form to understand the material. If lucky some of these books provide flashcards, practice quizzes, and online videos for all kinds of learners. Having difficulty comprehending information can be due to the language a professor or how a college textbook explains it, so having information brought from a different approach can make more sense. Lastly, the best study tip I learned is to never burn out and understand that taking a break is essential to any hardworking student.

Samantha from Florida
College Junior
University of Central Florida