Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is extremely vital for a student with a drive to succeed. Many students struggle with test taking, and test preparation can make or break their successes on an exam. Proper study habits need to be built and each time they are practiced they will become easier for the student. My test preparation practices are very simple. I typically outline the core topics of an exam and create an outline- I go through all of my notes from a unit and take what I have written and what the professor has provided to me and combine them all into one place. This practice alone begins my studying process because I am reading and rewriting the information that I will need to relay later on. Once I have done this, I create flashcards by hand or online so I have digital access for when I am at the gym, walking to class, or riding public transportation. I go through the flashcards and put a card to the back of the deck until I have become confident in the answer and I am sure I will be able to remember the information when taking an exam. It is important not to cram this information in all at once. Break up your study times and you will be more successful and not put your brain into overdrive. I do a little bit each day before I go to sleep, and any free chance I have in the middle of the day. I eventually go back to the study sheet I first created and have someone quiz me on the topics so that I know I did not just memorize the flashcards I created and I have actually learned the information. This is the process that has always been most successful for myself but the best advice I can give is that every individual learns differently, so it is a process of trial and error that will determine what study habits work best for one student as opposed to another.

Mikayla from New Jersey
College Sophomore
County College of Morris