Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I wouldn't describe my high school experience as easy. For one all throughout high school I took AP and honors classes along with balancing my sports and art. And out of all of those classes the hardest was AP World.
I took AP World sophomore year. It was my first ever AP class and to say I was nervous would be an understatement. Every junior I knew said the class was terrible, and that the tests were some of the worst you would ever take. I would hear horror stories about straight A students getting C’s and D’s. The first day I walked into class I couldn't stop fidgeting. Later on in the month my teacher announced that our first test would be coming up in the following weeks. But despite my nerves I was determined to do well. Every day we would do about 3 pages of notes and at home I would go over the daily material making sure I knew all of the important people, dates, and events. If it was in the notes, I knew it. Every day I would also make quizlet flashcards on the most important events so I could study them in depth. Quizlet has so many features to learn your material, it is one of my best study tools. I would often test and quiz myself just to make sure I remembered specific information. On the day before the tests I would go over my notes once and try my best not to stress. Some people can binge study the day before but that never worked for me. One of my biggest problems to this day is believing in my own abilities. But in this class having confidence was crucial. I slowly learned to trust myself and my knowledge. On the day of the tests I went over my challenge pile of notes (the ones that I had difficulty remembering). And while it seems like a lot of work, I would only work about an hour a day over the course of weeks so I never felt overly stressed or crushed by work. This method must have paid off as I never scored below a 90 on any of the tests. I definitely plan on using this method for my first year in college this fall.

Cheyenne from North Carolina
High School Senior
John T. Hoggard High School