Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being a high school senior, there have been countless nights I’ve spent studying for quizzes, tests, finals, SATs, ACTs, and AP exams. While trying my best to always pay attention in class, we all have our off days. Most days prior to a test, there are three strategies I find the most successful: flashcards, study guides, and practice problems.
Flashcards have always been a noteworthy way to study. I used them back in the second grade for my vocabulary words, and I use them now in most of my classes. Whether I write them down on paper with a pen, or make them electronically, they are a great way to quiz yourself quickly and effectively. It’s also incredibly helpful to say them out loud as you go to retain the information better.
Making study guides is my go-to when the information isn’t necessarily ask and answer. This approach isn’t the fastest, but it is remarkably effective. Writing or typing information helps you to absorb it while you’re studying. The best way to construct a study guide is by making it as you go through it. That way, it won’t build up on the night before a test. Doing a little each day helps you to genuinely learn the information, which is ideal compared to just memorizing information.
When in a math, science, or language class, trying out problems on your own is the most productive. As a student who took French for three years and is now taking two AP maths and AP Physics, this is a frequent task for me. I like to get out a white board or just a blank piece of paper to work out problems. I’m fortunate to have many teachers who give us extra problems or places to find them. However, when they don’t, you can find questions to work out in study books from the library, or simply by searching them online.
These three strategies are extremely effective study habits that anyone can do. They take only a few supplies each and a little bit of determination and organization.

Kasey from North Carolina
High School Senior
Cardinal Gibbons High School