Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am currently a high school senior but I was part of an Early College program. During our last two years in high school, we attended a community college to receive an Associate’s degree. The courses in college were very different and required me to adjust and change my method of studying. The first exam I took in the community college was for a Biology class. Two days after I took it, I had 35 in the class. That day, I made a promise to myself to never fail a test again.
I learned to study for every class differently. For example, in a history class all we need to pass an exam is to memorize all the dates and events that occurred but in a science class we have to understand concepts and different theories. When I get home I like to review everything I learned that day. Repetition is a good way to help remember important information. To prepare for a test I rewrite the notes I took in class. I do not use colored pens because it distracts me, I use pencil. If the professor gives us notes in a PowerPoint, I like to go through each slide and memorize everything in case it is on the test. A week before the exam date I study all the notes and information I need. I hate staying up late and I try to manage my time. When professors are giving lectures in science classes, there is plenty of content covered, I like to record them to ensure I have not missed anything. In math courses, the only way I can prepare for an exam is with practice. There is not a way to memorize the steps needed to solve for a problem because that can change during an exam. I just have to be familiar with formulas and identify what steps I have to take to solve that specific problem. When I took Calculus 1, the professor gave us online homework. In those problems we were able to repeat a problem multiple times. When we were close to an exam, I would go back and do every problem until I understood how to do it. If I needed help, I spoke to my professor about it. Every class has different test-preps.

Yuleima from Texas
High School Senior
C E King High School