Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

All throughout my life I have been subject to all sorts of test preparation in order to help me advance in my academic aptitude. However, I was never able to follow along with the tedious study methods that the teachers wanted us to use for each new concept to make learning it that much easier. For me those always made it slower and much more complicated. In the last three years of college I found that I learn best by listening actively in lecture and if necessary taking notes, then making up practice problems or scenarios (depending on the class) in order to allow myself to become more familiar with the concept, and in more recent times when I struggle with a class I will fire up the old reliable YouTube and find some crash course for whatever new topic has me stumped. For example, this semester I took the first part of anatomy at the community college as a miniature semester, which is basically collating three and a half months material into roughly eight weeks. It wasn't the smartest thing that I have ever done but it allowed me to further develop my own method of test preparation. it was a hassle at first since I had to transition from taking notes in a notebook to taking notes in my iPad because of how fast my professor was moving. We were covering about three chapters a week, with each chapter having a quiz at the end of lecture, and my professor would end every week with an exam. As stated before I took notes, and immediately after lecture I would go over those notes. After I was comfortable with a chapter I would flip open my textbook and do a brief skim of that chapter, and if necessary (for this course it was) I'd look up a video online that focused solely on that difficult portion of the chapter. Then, to be as thorough as possible I would go online and look for at least three different practice tests that pertained most to whatever unit we were covering and go over each test several times in order to prepare my brain for the upcoming exam.

Jesus from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early College High School