Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Time management is key in test preparation. It allows you to focus your time and divide it into small tasks. By starting early, I was able to discover Mometrix. Through study guides and flashcards, I was able to secure perfect test scores. I start studying in a perfectly calm environment with no distractions. My phone is far away from me. I set a timer on my computer for half an hour. This is a scientifically proven technique that allows complete concentration on the task of studying during this time. Right then I can focus on the study guides and flashcards from Mometrix that have been the most helpful with the well explained resources for my subjects. After the allotted studying time, I give myself a five minute break and it is extremely important that this break isn't on my phone. I might get a snack to gain back my energy or I might just relax or meditate. I know not to overwork myself because that won't get the results I need. I think that people often forget that a large part of doing well on tests comes from our mental health. I make sure that I am getting enough sleep and that I am going to bed early. I take time in doing other important daily things such as exercise and shower. I space my study sessions in the morning so the rest of the day I can focus on other things and not over worry and stress my mind. When studying I make sure that I qualitatively spend my time. When using Mometrix flashcards, I do not mindlessly reveal the answers, but I think about them. Moreover, just reading through isn't enough for me, and that is why I appreciate the Mometrix study guides. They provide me with questions which by answering I engage my mind. This is where true learning occurs and it is more than just re-reading the text. I am very grateful for Mometrix because as my teachers noted, I improved and my grades are much higher than they were last year. Thanks to Mometrix I am lucky to be accepted to college where I'll continue to use these practices.

Bojana from Connecticut
High School Senior
Taft School