Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Having test preparation skills is vital for being a successful student. Throughout my college years I have tried many practices that have worked, and many that have not worked. In my opinion, different practices work for different students and it is important to learn what works uniquely for you. Personally, when beginning my test preparation I like to start with a clean, organized, and quite space. Making sure to have all distractions put aside allows me to concentrate and set my intention. Next I will begin by reading through my assigned chapters, followed by my previously taken notes. This allows me to review the connections I had previously made and notice any information I had missed. Once completing this review process I will rewrite my notes. Rewriting class notes also gives me the opportunity to improve organization, thereby making the notes easier to study from. Further, rewriting your class notes reinforces the information so that you will remember it better. Over the years I have learned that repetition is what works best for me. Combined with frequent breaks, snack, and water this test preparation practice has been key to becoming a successful student.

Lauren from Colorado
College Sophomore
University of Colorado Denver