Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of my teachers said, “There are no hard tests, only unprepared students.” I don’t always agree with this, but I do know that the more you prepare for a test, the easier it is.

As someone who has taken multiple AP classes and passed the ACT with a 36, I have four strategies for test success: hear, see, say, write. I use these to practice each concept that I need to remember for a test. I hear my math teacher talk about integrals. I see a video about how to take the integral of a function. I say what I understand and explain integrals to someone else. I write down the formula for taking an integral. Repeat.

I use other ways to review as well. If I am preparing for a math or physics test, I solve practice problems and correct them. For English and history, I use my notes to make flashcards. As I study them, I say the important facts and definitions out loud. I also take advantage of abundant online resources.

When I was preparing to take the ACT, I did one section of a practice test every Saturday. After I finished the test, I corrected my answers and looked at the solutions for the questions I missed to make sure I understood why I got those questions wrong. I read some sections of the ACT Prep book and took notes on formulas or grammar rules that were hard to remember.

After other forms of review, I make a review sheet on a blank piece of paper. On one side, I write down all of the formulas, facts, or rules that are difficult for me to remember. I study this paper for a few minutes every day until the test. Seeing it often helps me remember the concepts I wrote down, and my brain memorizes their location on the paper.

I have to understand a concept before I can explain it to someone else. I finish my review by explaining what I know to my classmates or family members. This solidifies my understanding.

Taking tests can be intimidating, scary, or stressful when I feel unprepared. When I prepare using these strategies, I feel confident that I can do my best.

Emily from Utah
High School Senior
RDF International School