Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I spent 11 years of my schooling essentially winging test preparation. I would learn the material in class and if I had a test, well, I had better hope I knew the material and would just have a quick skim to cram right before the exams.
This was effective only because my classes were easy and did not challenge me in any way, but then I moved and school was turned upside down for my last two years of high school. I had moved to Woodbridge expecting a similar atmosphere to my last high school, I was soon proved very wrong.
I found it very difficult to study and spend time on all the classes that needed my attention, and on top of that, a concussion made my calculus class the worst of them all. I soon got to work, knowing that I needed to work even harder.
I know I'm an audible and tactile learner so this effected how I studied. I developed "cram sheets" since I knew that PowerPoint packets with my own notes on them wouldn't help me. I paid attention while the teacher was teaching and noted the most important aspects, then when I got home I would compile the notes onto one sheet of paper, with color coordination and drawings, anything to help me memorize the information. I then would go back and read everything out loud so that it would help with memorization. I even would listen to certain music during studying so I associated that music with certain content making it easier to recall it while studying later on without my sheets to guide me. This practice of using my cram sheets enabled me to improve my class test scores and remember material more long term and have everything organized in one place instead of spreading out in multiple pages. It kept my mind focused and helped me retain for long term, especially AP tests which come after a year of learning. I benefitted greatly from developing my own study habit and its been reflective in my grades and my test scores!

Isabella from Virginia
High School Senior
Woodbridge senior high school