Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I’m not gonna lie, I am NOT the best test taker. I walk into a test: I blank on all the information I thought I knew. Or, none of the information I spent hours studying is on the test! Through failing and passing, however, I have now mastered test-prep.

I generally classify my tests/content into two categories: Memorization and Application. There's the “memorization”, where you need to memorize the first 30 elements or 50 digits of pi. First, I try to find natural patterns within the content. If this doesn’t work, I rely on mnemonics. I link my mnemonics to my emotions and life outside the world of chemistry or mathematics. When I create stories or think about content spatially, the material gets engraved into my brain not only quicker, but for longer. To ensure my memorization is working, I rely on flashcards and other people to quiz myself. Mainly, paying attention to patterns and emotional/weird mnemonics help ensure that studying is not some boring chore, but rather, an enlightening and rewarding habit.

Then, there's the application based tests. For me, these are the MOST dreaded. It seems like the smart people who just get it, get it, and it's impossible for the rest of us. What works best for me is learning about the test itself, practice, and videos. Mometrix is an amazing company with countless tips and tricks for how to take these tests. They show an inside look on how to approach tests in order to finesse the system. Once I understand the structure of tests, I do practice questions, and learn what I need to re-learn. Youtube is my best friend when it comes to learning an entire unit in one night or simply brushing up on a difficult concept. I take tons of efficient practice questions, pay attention to the tricks to ace any exam (Mometrix is amazing for this!) and brush up on confusing concepts through videos. Overall, whether it is memorization or application-based questions, the main thing is to be efficient by using the best resources and tips!

Labika from New York
High School Senior
Shaker High School