Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparations are pretty simple. I create a quizlet, and I add all the key terms that are listed in a study guide, or I just use the terms we learned. I then add the definition of those terms that was given to us, then I put the definition in my own words, then I provide an original example if possible. I then included any tricks I've come up with to remember them. I then add concepts, and thoroughly explain those concepts and, if applicable, how they relate to other concepts. After I've created my quizlet, I go through it, looking at only the terms. If I can define the terms and concepts without looking at the other side of the flashcard, I move on. If I can't, I review the flashcard, star that flashcard and move on. After I have finished,I go through the starred flashcards and go through the same process. If I get it, I unstar it, if I don't, I leave it starred. Finally, the morning before the quiz, test, or exam, I go through the entire quizlet again just to make sure I have the terms down. This process helps me make sure I am prepared for the test because I keep reviewing all the key terms and concepts until I'm sure I have them down, then I make sure I do again right before the test.

Joshua from Michigan
College Sophomore
Western Michigan University