Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation can be very difficult sometimes. Trying to figure out how you learn and how you retain information is the biggest part of that. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school until I realized the ways I can use to prepare myself for a test. There are a couple different ways I use to best prepare myself for a test and beyond these ways are many more. The way you prepare yourself for a test best is completely up to you because no one retains information and prepares themselves in the same exact way. First off, I use lots of color. I use color to match things up like a vocabulary word to it’s definition. I also use the colors to help me remember information that is tricky like remembering what is inside a cell. Colors pull your attention to the information because you make it stick out compared to the information that you already know or the information that is not going to be on the test. The other way I prepare the best is doing lots of hands on activities. These activities can include matching games, activities on the Smart Board or even just using a Quizlet. When you are doing hands on activities normally the activities are more fun and can keep you more engaged compared to only listening to lecture and completing worksheets. Doing activities also allows you to work with other students and pushes you to use the information you know and learn more at the same time. One of the final routes I take when preparing for a test is sitting down with my teacher and my study guide and reviewing it together. Simply going through the questions and stopping when you need help or are a little confused while you are with your teacher ensures that you are receiving the correct information, even if you took the notes for the class. This not only helps you study and prepare for a test but it helps the teacher too. It helps the teacher realize what the students are struggling on and what they need to do better next time to ensure the information is understood clearly.

Keiton from Missouri
High School Senior
Odessa High School