Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests may not always be easy, and can take quite a bit of time, effort, and dedication. Test preparation turned out to be of great importance and value in my life because it prepared me for tests and exams. Being attentive and listening to my teacher was the best way for me to prepare for tests. It allowed me to become familiar with the lesson. I believe the first steps any student can take in order to do well in school, and prepare for tests, is to plain and simply listen to their instructors. By this they can be firmly rooted in the course work while maximizing their potential to do great, and retaining as much material as possible for upcoming tests and exams.

The practice of attentively listening as my instructors taught held an important role during the toughest periods of my high school years. I remained focused during the time of exams and finals. Already having been so firmly rooted in my course work from earlier during the year, and lessons retained, my potential to do great had been maximized, and my confidence was not shaken. I pushed forward, reviewed notes, asked questions, and passed my tests and finals. I overcame obstacles and achieved more than I could imagine. I continued to practice the same strategy each year until graduation, and finished with an overall gpa of 4.0.

There are many strategies and systems students may use to maximize their potential for test taking. The strategy I used that enabled me to excel in school was simply to pay attention in class, as well as write down everything I was being taught. I carefully listened to the words and instructions of my teachers and wrote them down. In doing so I not only had a written down lesson in my notebook, but grasped the concept and understood the lesson. As the teacher spoke I was studying, reviewing, and preparing for the upcoming test. By going over the material in class and asking questions I was given clarity and relieved of any doubts that had risen. This was a major part of my study life and immensely important to me. It cut down on the amount of time I had to spend studying at home, and offered more time for rest. I was not as stressed nor did I have to overwhelm myself by trying to cram or memorize a lesson before a test. Because it had already been firmly rooted and planted within my mind.

In conclusion to the above statement, I believe that being an attentive student in high school was very effective, and of great importance in the preparation process for tests. I grasp an understanding of the lessons being taught and became firmly rooted in them. The process helped me retain information learned for the tests without having to struggle at the last moment to remember what I had learned previously. I was also able to remain focused on the task at hand, and maintain a balanced school life without stressing myself out. Given much time to rest, I remained refreshed and motivated for the next day’s lesson. Preparing for a test can be a hassle at times, but I believe the best way to prepare for any test is to stay focused and attentive in class.

David from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
University of Valley Forge