Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For most college classes, exams are worth around 50 percent of the final grade. Many people, like myself, wish to attend graduate school and need a certain GPA to do so. It is imperative to be prepared for exams, and it is not something that can be done at the last minute.
My test preparation skills vary by subject. For science courses, I like to start by understanding the concepts. Flashcards are my number one tool for this challenge. They allow me to engage in active recall and make it easier to memorize information with practice. Concept maps are another device I like to use for biology courses. They are beneficial because I am able to visualize the concepts. After spending ample time studying the maps, I can visualize them in my mind. They also serve as a quick refresher before test day.
For my other science courses, physics and chemistry, solving practice problems are a must. I personally prefer to use the problems from my textbook because they are similar to questions that might be on the exam. I will most likely not know how to tackle these problems at first, so YouTube is a great resource. I utilize YouTube in two ways. The first way is to search up difficult problems I cannot solve. This, of course, provides me with the answer, but it also gives an insight on how to solve similar problems. The video can also provide a new method that is easier for me to approach the problem. The second way I use YouTube is by searching for concept videos. I like to watch these videos immediately after the lecture because they offer a second explanation that may be easier for me to understand.
The last tools I like to take advantage of are reviews and practice exams. I typically do these a week before the exam. I am able to see what I have mastered and if I need more preparation. The practice exams also give a sneak peek into the real exam, so I have an idea of what I might be tested on.
Without my system, I would not have the GPA I have now.

Jasmine from Texas
College Junior
texas a&m university