Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe my test preparation habits have improved these last 4 years. The beginning of freshman year I barely studied and if I did I never did a good job. Over the summer I decided to take a college English course which required a lot of reading and concentration. I learned to concentrate more but I still had problems with my time management. Sophomore year I decided to take school seriously and study. My grades improved but I still felt Like my study habits weren't the best. Junior year was the year I had to work hard in. I decided the best way is to put my phone in another room, no music, and take a 10 minute break every 1.5 hours. I would study 4 hours in total for a test. The methods I would do varied. For a math test I tried as many practice problems as I could and if I messed up I would review the problem. For social studies and science I tried the memory game, I would read and then see if I could summarize it without looking at the page. There was a flaw in that method. I memorized but didn't understand. Now I read and try to piece together what it meant and what other things in the chapter piece together. For English I usually try to read newspapers and other things that may have words I wouldn't know so I can't learn new words. I believe my study habits have helped me get better grades and made me a better test taker.

Alyamira from Maryland
High School Senior
Carver Center for Arts and Technology