Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for any test, I like to use my personal three steps study plan. I begin by studying ahead of time, then I like to read the textbook that is used in class highlighting the important information, and lastly, I use flashcards to write a summary of all the test materials. The combination of all three of these methods has made it easier for me to study. The first step of my study process is planning to study before the due date. This is one of my favorites methods because I provide myself enough time to study the test material a little bit every day, which leads to a reduction of stress. Separating the study material over a duration of time helps me concentrate better and not get overwhelmed by the amount of content. This method also provides me with the necessary time to talk to my professor about any questions that I may have about the content that I am studying. My second method is reading the assigned textbook and going over my notes. This method is great because it helps me review the materials that I learned in class. When reading the textbook, I like to highlight important information that I will later summarize. My in-class notes are particularly helpful because they are where I write in my own words, what I am learning in class. Looking over my notes and reading the textbook help me refresh myself with all the information that I learned. The last method is using flashcards to study. Flashcards are my favorite because they force me to summarize all the important information in just a few words. This makes it easier for me to remember the information during the test. Having and using the flashcards makes it easier to study while I am on the bus on my way to or from school. I also like to use colorful pens when writing on the flashcards because it makes more appealing to study. These are my favorite methods when preparing for a test for the simple fact that they have worked well for me. They help me understand the materials better and get good grades.

Isabela Carolina from Michigan
College Junior
Central Michigan University