Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Getting an A+ is something that almost everyone wants to achieve, but how to get that grade is something that many people struggle with. In my book, effective studying practices are the best way to achieve great test scores. There are two main strategies that I consider when I prepare to study. First, I decide how I am going to tackle the content that I need to memorize and or get a basis of the key ideas. Then I consider how long I need to study the content. It is very important to have an outlined guide on how I will succeed in my studying. Just opening a text-book and searching for information is not going to get me anywhere. Having a plan will always make the studying process more easier, organized, and efficient.

One of my favorite methods of test preparation is Quizlet. Quizlet is an amazing site that can be used in a variety of ways to study. I use the Quizlet’s feature of flashcards to memorize vocabulary and other information. I also use Quizlet to make tests and quizzes with multiple choice, matching, true or false, and free response questions. There is also a fun game mode that can also be used to study, and I use this after I feel that I have a tight grasp on the information that I need to prepare for. Quizlet is one excellent study guide I will continue to use.

Aside from Quizlet, I also make study guides with important information such as formulas, vocabulary, and tricks to remember information. Reviewing the content for an extended period of time helps my retention and by preparing the study notes helps as well.

Between Quizlet and my study notes I end up studying for about an hour at a time beginning a week before the test. Studying the day before an exam is ineffective because no information will be fully retained. My study practices and habits have allowed me to always feel confident and comfortable while taking exams. My test grades and high honor roll status throughout high school are proof that my study strategies are very effective.

Jeda from New Jersey
High School Senior
Howell High School