Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Much of our childhood takes place between elementary school walls plastered with drawings colored outside the lines and construction paper cutouts of new vocabulary or the latest math lesson. It's visually stimulating. It makes the learning environment lively without straying far from the learning material.
As we mature and move on to high school, college, and career, many gradually lose their grip on such use of creativity and color. We stack plain-looking piles of books and papers in front of ourselves and think it's the only way we'll pass.
I, however, believe imagination and innovation go hand in hand—especially when preparing for major exams. The first thing I do is make sure that my study environment is lively enough for me to stay awake, yet peaceful enough to be free from distractions. I then look for a study guide that can take me through the process of converting heaps of information into material I can easily understand. Having difficulty grasping certain concepts and formulas can still happen to anyone, though. This is where flashcards and other visual aids appeal to me the most. It's simple in the sense that a card only contains one term at a time, yet helps build an understanding of even the most elaborate topics. My flashcards often contain a splash of color, such as simple cartoons related to the topic or color-coded terms.
Studying is definitely not the most exciting activity for the average teen, but simply making use of the right resources can bring a little joy into the process of achieving long-term goals.

Maria Ysobel from New Jersey
High School Senior
Quezon City Science High School