Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Any material I use for studying needs to be in color. I usually use colored pens and highlighters in order to make my notes easier to study and create a study guide from them. I make sure to write down everything visual that my professors give for notes as well as what they say orally. Any videos or documentaries that we watch in class needs to have notes taken down for it as well. If the class I am attending has a wide variety of vocabulary, I will be sure to make flashcards of all the terms.
If I am in a language class, I will make sure to practice my speaking by reading my notes and any other reading material required for the class aloud. As well as making sure I am being exposed to the language as much as possible even outside of class by watching my favorite movies or shows and changing the audio language.
Math classes require memorization of multiple formulas and to help me prepare for a test, I write down the formulas over and over again until I can remember them without having to look at my notes. I also make sure that when I am making study guides for my classes, I write in blue ink. This is because there have been numerous studies with results that indicated blue ink was an easier color to memorize material.
Using colors in my notes and study guides help me remember the color of whatever it is I am trying to memorize and from there my brain has an easier time finding the information. Notes without color make it seem as if every word on the page holds the same amount of importance which is most likely not true. That is why notes with different colors and each color holding a specific amount of importance to it makes it so much more efficient in my preparation before an exam.

Elizabeth from California
College Freshman
California State University San Bernardino