Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone has their way in which they best learn. For me, this way is writing, which is why my test preparation routine focuses more on writing/typing than most. As I go through lectures, I type or write my notes with as much detail as possible. My written notes include lots of color and pictures, while my typed notes include many bullets, bold, and italics. I like to use differing “styles” of words for my notes to make it easier to look at when it comes to review time since it feels like less of a big block of text and more like easier to digest sections of words. I review my notes regularly (rewriting my notes on paper if I had to type them). I also make Quizlets for each unit in my class and try to review this as often as I can (which usually is only once or twice) and I annotate my notes with mnemonics as another way to help me remember. The mnemonics are very silly and don’t usually make much sense, but what works works. If I’m not completely understanding something in class, I try to watch Youtube videos or do a Khan Academy lesson for what I’m reviewing (writing out more notes on paper as I go through the video/lesson). When it comes closer to test day, I write down the review questions, or make my own if one wasn’t given by the teacher. I write down the answers to the review questions and make another Quizlet, but this time just for the review which will only include the most important things. The night before the test, I review this all for a couple hours after work and then try to get as good of a sleep as I can with all the pretest jitters.
It sounds like a lot when written out, but this routine is easier from when I used to think cramming for hours would help me do well on a test and it truly helps get the notes stuck in my brain.

Jessica from Texas
High School Senior
Calhoun High School