Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To be quite honest, I cram! If I have a test in my 7th period class and I have lunch at 4th period. Viola! Studying is complete. Okay, that was a joke. If I studied that way, I would not have been admitted to my first choice at University of Oregon for Fall 2020. I have found during my high school career, the most efficient way for me to study are with online courses and study flashcards.

I have used study flashcards since I was in elementary school. Repetition has become tried and true in my life. I would use study flashcards for subjects that study facts such as English Language Arts, Advancement Placement U.S. Government, and/or Religion definitions. I would use the technique distributed practice. For the first week, I would focus on remembering the word or phrase by itself. My goals were to focus solely on the word or phrase by itself, internalize it. The second week, I would study the definition and keywords to each word and practice repetition by constantly reading the word and definition over and over again with the flashcards in my hand. This method has helped me a great deal when it has come to vocabulary test. Study flashcards also helped me with essay test to study key details from lessons plans.

Online courses helped me to preparing for the SAT. There was a study program that allowed for me to take the practice test over 12 times in a few months’ time frame. I found the online site convenient to my needs as a student athlete, coming home and logging on was the most efficient use of my time. As well as being able to review the test scores afterwards, and see where my weakness was to improve on. I sat for the SAT’s four times and each time I improved little by little. Preparing for exam like the SAT is to practice, practice, practice, and practice some more. Online courses provide key details on how to be successful in preparing for the exam. Most multiple-choice questions ask for you to select the right terms for specific key words or vice-versa. If you

Kareem from New York
High School Senior
Christ the King Regional High School