Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests are a very hard thing for me to do, as I am an extreme over thinker. Unfortunately, life is full of tests and they are inevitable. Whether they are in school on a subject or in your outside life, tests will come and you have to do your best to prepare for them. When a school test is coming, I study the concepts and get them in my brain. Flash cards are the best! However, I am careful not to over stress the information because I struggle to retain new information when I am under stress. Besides flash cards, I like to write out or think of different possible test questions and answer them to the best of my ability. This studying starts at least a week before the test once everyday. Every time I take a test for a subject, I take a little different approach. For example, for math I like to write down all of the subjects that will be tested. I then log onto Khan Academy and do at least three practice problems to make sure I understand the concepts. For reading and writing, there are usually vocabulary words. To study these I make flash cards and drill them until they become routine. For the grammar portion of the tests I find online Quizlet's to take and look over all of my notes given by the teacher. I find repetition very important when studying for the test. When your nerves start to creep in, you should know the material enough to trust yourself and try to keep yourself calm. I think of it a lot like muscle memory. Once you practice/study enough, you will essentially fall back on what you have prepared yourself for. I also think that it is super important for you to clear your mind of negative thoughts. To do this, I find motivational quotes to write on sticky notes and put them up all over my mirror in my bathroom. This allows me to let positivity sink in every morning and night so that I have a healthy brain to retain information. On test day I eat a healthy breakfast, drink lots of water and bring snacks for an extra boost.

Anastasia from Washington
High School Senior
Fife High School