Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The studying process for tests should always start as soon as you learn the material. This may sound daunting or overwhelming, but it is the best way to familiarize yourself with concepts that may build on each other as your course continues. You can begin doing this by reading over the day’s notes for about 20 minutes a night. Many teachers have always said to me that it takes upwards of 7 times seeing something to truly remember it, and it’s relatively true! Of course, it may not take exactly 7 times but the more you familiarize yourself with the content the easier it will be for you to understand it. This method of studying also helps decrease your workload when studying in the final days leading up to the test. Once tests day gets closer and closer and you begin finalizing the process of learning new material, you should begin organizing the concepts you have learned into three main categories. I like making flashcards with the names and description of concepts,facts, ideas, etc that I have learned throughout the course and divide into three piles. In the first pile you will place all of the concepts that you feel confident enough to teach to another student. In the second pile, place the concepts that you sort of understand but struggle writing an in=depth description about. Finally, in the third pile, place any content that you do not remember much about or are overly hesitant when answering questions about. Study the material starting with the pile you know the least about and gradually move the concepts up the piles until all concepts are in the first pile of flashcards. Doing this will not only ensure that you don’t miss any concepts, but it will also make you more confident for test day as you will have been able to visualize the progress you have made in studying. I hope these tips work, as well for you as they do for me! Always remember: study smarter, not harder!

Marian from Florida
High School Senior
Winter Park High School