Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to prepare fro tests is by repetition and then attempting to teach the material myself. First I will collect all of my notes and study guides from class. I will look for main points I should study and then go through that main point and find all of the additional information that applies to understanding that main idea. I rewrite the main points and sub-points in several different pen colors, I only do this after I have gone over all of the main points and their sub points first. That way I make sure I get through all of the information I need to look over for the test. I like to pick at least 4 pen colors that I like to write and rewrite in. As for what material I write on, I first use flash cards and then use my notebook. I do this because usually the first time I go through I am writing straight from my notes and books so it will be the most correct and I will be using the flash cards later on.
After I have rewritten four times, I will take a break and step away from the material for awhile. I will then take my flash cards and try to make a presentation only going off the main points on one side and explaining with the sub points I have on the other side without looking at them. After each main point being presented I will look over the sub points, if I have forgotten any points, I will write it down and review those points. Time permitting I will go over all the main points until I get them all without missing any points.
This works for me because I find I remember things best when I am writing things down. I also find it helpful to write things down multiple times. I like trying to present the information in my own words because I have to understand the information in order to do this. With the repetition I will have the information I need from notes in my brain but that along with understanding the information helps me the most. That way I can answer questions that are both memorization based and questions that are applying theory.

Saihler from Nebraska
College Junior
university of Nebraska at Omaha