Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying can be as enjoyable as learning the story of a video game hero rather than presage of stress. After my first year of college, I composed a study framework using psychological concepts named “digesting-study.” At its core, its a tool for the cultivation of interest for the topics studied.

Test-prep kicks-off before any lecture. “Digesting-study” begins by reading about the theory to be taught at each lecture from the textbook. Facile comprehension is favored over a tedious and deep one. When coming to lecture, notepaper should be divided into two sections: two thirds for notes and one third for digesting. As the professor lectures, the focus has to be on analyzing and trying to connect the explained concepts to your knowledge. As understanding is gained, explain in the note section each concept. It is of high importance to write any example problems with detailed solutions. After the lecture, the digestion of the notes should occur before the next lecture. During digestion, read the notes taken and ask questions about why a concept is not clear. Consult the lecturer, classmates, textbook, or internet to find the solutions. Once understanding is gained, write down why the concept became clear next to the notes in the digest section. If any homework is assigned that covers any of the concepts studied, select the most insightful or challenging, and describe the solution with detail in the digest section.

When test preparation begins, it is crucial to know whether a test will be mainly conceptual or practical. If conceptual, it is essential to study the notes and the digest, paying close attention to how understanding was achieved in the first place. If practical, it is necessary to study example problems alongside select homework problems from the digest section.

The framework works because it fosters a questioning attitude as to why a concept is confusing. By attempting to answer these questions, studying becomes an interactive, self-teaching experience.

Jose from Oklahoma
College Sophomore
The University of Oklahoma