Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I’ve never been one that was a good test taker, I get extremely nervous and anxious when I begin a test and the teacher tells us the amount of time we have to complete it. This makes me forget answers that I’ve studied numerous times days before. In order to get over this anxiety, I sought out ways that would help me feel at ease while taking my tests. Through my search I found that I didn’t have test anxiety, I simply was studying in a way that didn’t best suit me, where the information I reviewed was never retained. Math has always been a subject I never felt confident in and was too afraid to ask for extra help. I would try to study by memorizing equations and repeating them to myself until I was sure they stuck, but that would never translate on tests. It was frustrating, nothing seemed to improve my test scores. Until I began to create practice tests where I timed myself and then after saw which questions I struggled the most with and broke them down step by step. Studying for tests this way not only gave me the ability to know how to break down a challenging question but helped me further understand my work on a deeper level, and be able show my teacher exactly where I got confused on. When it came to other subjects such as science and history, memorization was the best method of studying. This meant creating flash cards and reading over the facts one at a time and then trying to connect it to something in my everyday life in order to recall the information easily while test taking . The ultimate way to make sure you're studying in a way that best fits you, is understanding the type of learner you are; Visual, Auditory, Writing, or Kinesthetic. Understanding how you learn is the key to finding what methods of studying work for you. By doing this you're able to feel confident when going in to take my tests and come out knowing you put your best foot forward. My studying methods are the best in my opinion because they work for me

Jasmine from California
High School Senior
Dublin High School