Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it's time for a test, there's many different ways you can approach prepping for the upcoming test. How i study for a test is i collect all of my notes, and worksheets that we have done through out the unit. I then go through and highlight what i think is most important and make my own quizzes out of them. Sometimes i find practice test online if i'm lucky. I then ask my teachers certain things that i should study, so i am not studying something that wont be on the test. if i know a subject i will go over it, but i don't spend much time on it. The biggest studying tool i use is Quizlet. Quizlet has been my best friend ever since i discovered it in 8th grade. Quizlet has different games, makes its own quizzes and not only that you can see other people's work, which is very helpful. There may be things that i didn't think was important but when looking at other people's take on the subject, it actually has been a lifesaver on a lot of my test. Also, i study in 15-30 minute increments because it's the best way i can retain the information. When i study i have to make it interesting, like maybe also doing a Kahoot, which is a game you can play to help you on anything you want. I am a visual learner so if i have to make a diagram or watch videos, i do so in order to help me because i tend to remember people's voices than words on a book. These things work for me because it keeps me interested, and helps me grasp onto the subject easier. I prefer these ways because these help my long-term memory and not just remembering things for the test and then forget about it.

Aniya from Ohio
High School Senior
Lakota West High School